Business during lock down

As another lock down looms nearer (coming to Hamilton, ON, on Dec 21 and the rest on Ontario on Boxing Day), we decided it’s a good time to give you an update on what we’re doing and what we can’t do.

Film Production

Yes! Film production is allowed to continue within the restrictions set by the Ontario government. That means small productions with no more than 10 cast members on set are allowed to take place, with the proper distancing and PPE in place. We are accepting jobs for film productions, including fabrication of FX props and design of FX make-ups.
We are qualified to be on set and preform our work according to the latest Covid sanitation guidelines. Actors undergoing makeup application will be requested to wear a face mask during application if the design of the makeup allows for it.

Online sales

Yes! Online sales are still ongoing! Everything is handmade in our workshop by the two of us, sanitized, packaged and shipped to your door. Some things may be out of stock or may take a little longer than usual to make. Contact us for more information.
You can also find our products on Etsy.

Life casting

No. Unfortunately we can’t accept any life cast requests during lock down, with the exception for film productions.
If you’re interested in getting a life cast done shoot us a message, and we’ll keep you updated on when we can start doing this again.


No, as there are none. Hopefully conventions will start up again in the second half of 2021, as the vaccines are being rolled out.
However, our presence at conventions will change. We will no longer be setting up our makeup station, but will instead be focusing on immersive photo ops. You’ve seen the Kill Shack and Evil Dead Cabin, and maybe even met Crypt Kringle last year… We have many more idea’s for expanding our selection.

For now, a Scary Creepmas and here’s to a terrifyingly good 2021!

Our Horror Christmas Photo Experience features a fire place, Santa's Corpse, gasoline canisters and our actor in character as Crypt Kringle.