Frequently Asked Questions


All Frequently Asked Question regarding Make-up and Prosthetics

Can a prosthetic be reused?

If you take good care of it and clean it carefully after use, you can reuse it a few times. However, the first application will be best as the edges are still perfectly thin.

Can I buy unpainted prosthetics in bulk?

Yes. Special prices are available for orders of 10+ unpainted prosthetics.
Contact us for more info.

Can one of your products be customized for me?

We try our best to meet all customization requests, for a small extra fee. Each product is hand made, so we can customize them up to a certain point.
Can we do a custom colour/paint job? Yes, of course!
Can we mirror a left fitting prosthetic for the right side, or make one smaller/larger? Unfortunately not. Prosthetics come out of a mold that can’t be reshaped.

Do you make custom products?

Yes. If you like our work and you are looking for a specific prop or prosthetic, feel free to send us a message and ask for the options. After we have all the details, we will let you know whether we can accept your custom order. We will send you a quote after which you can decide if you want to accept the offer or not. Once we have started working on your custom order, it can’t be cancelled.
You will have 2 review moments where you can request modifications: once after the first phase (usually the sculpting phase) is completed, and once when the product gets finalized.
If you want more than 2 reviews/modifications, and extra fee might be applied.
All creative properties remain with us, and we reserve the right to run and sell copies.

How do I apply a prosthetic?

You will need:

  • Liquid Latex for adhering and blending
  • Spirit Gum adhesive (optional)
  • 2 or 3 make-up sponges
  • Make up in your own skin tone (optional)


  • Determine the best placement by holding the appliance against your skin.
  • Using a makeup sponge, dab a thin layer of Liquid Latex or Spirit Gum to both the back of the prosthetic and to the area of skin where you want to apply the prosthetic. (As freshly dry latex bonds to itself, latex alone can be used to apply small prosthetics without any additional adhesive.)
    Let air dry until the latex turns transparent, or until the Spirit Gum turns tacky.
  • Carefully press the prosthetic in place on the skin, being careful that the edges lay flat against the skin and have not folded over.
  • Use a make-up sponge to dab a thin layer of latex on and around the prosthetic to blend the edges with your skin. Let air dry or use a hair dryer on low to speed up the drying process. You will see that the prosthetic becomes translucent, and that the edges start to become less visible.
  • Dab another two or three thin layers of Liquid Latex around the edges of the prosthetic until it blends seamlessly with the skin.
  • Apply make-up in your own skin tone if needed.
  • Go show off your make-up!!


  • Always apply several thin layers of liquid latex when blending; they will dry a lot faster than one thick layer.
  • Liquid Latex will bond to hair and fabric, and will not come out. Keep it away from body hair!
  • Clean the skin with rubbing alcohol before application for extra adherence.
  • Liquid Latex can be removed using an oil based make-up remover.
  • The prosthetic can be reused, but the first application will be the best as the edges are thinnest. To do so, clean your prosthetic well after use, and pull off most of the added Liquid Latex (never cut it!)
I’m allergic to latex/adhesives. Can I wear your prosthetics?

If you have an allergy to latex and/or adhesives, you should not be ordering our regular prosthetics, as they are all made out of latex and need to be stuck to your skin with either liquid latex or an adhesive.
However, that does not mean that you have to miss out on all the fun!
We offer 2 solutions for people with allergies:

– The Chelsea Smile Kit is a make-up kit with a skin safe medical grade silicone, that you can use to shape scars or other shapes directly on to your skin. You have 5 minutes work time, and after 10 minutes the silicone is set completely and will stay in place for hours. If desired, you can apply multiple layers over top of each other to build up thicker effects. Silicone is very gentle on the skin and easy to remove.
– On special request, we are able to create silicone copies of some of our prosthetics. Contact us for options & prices.

If you have any questions that are still unanswered, feel free to email us at
info @ lockedinthecellar . com.