Full Reptile / Lizard / Snake / Iguana Prosthetic Set

$38.99 CAD

Prosthetic set inspired by the fascinating scale patterns of real life reptiles. This make-up is designed to show you morphing into a reptile, with scales growing on the upper half of your face.


After many requests, we have made this new version of our popular Reptile Prosthetic set. This set consists of a large forehead prosthetic going all the way from left to right, and two prosthetics that will cover each cheek. If you wear glasses, you can put them back on after application is completed: the prosthetic is flat in the nose area, so that it won’t get in the way.
Wear the proshetics clean, or add scar wax and theatrical blood for a more gory effect.

We craft our prosthetics individually out of tinted, flexible latex, with super thin edges for easy blending. Available in 3 skin tones: Light, Medium and Dark.
The prosthetics come unpainted, so you have the freedom to turn them into whatever colour you like best.

Need an asymmetrical piece? Check this listing instead.


Details Reptile Prosthetic Set

Contains 3 unpainted pieces:
– One Brow piece
– Two cheek pieces

Product properties

– Hand-crafted, latex appliance with super thin edges for easy blending.

– The scales are unpainted. You will get the best effect if you paint the spaces between the scales darker, and highlight the scales themselves.

– Pre-tinted latex ‘skin’ goes translucent on most skin tones. Available in Light, Medium or Dark skin. Select the skin tone closest to yours – skin tones won’t be an exact match, but it will blend invisibly because of the translucent edges.

– Full application instructions included.

– We recommend using latex prosthetics on adults and teens only, NOT recommended for children.

– Liquid latex and skin safe adhesive required for application. NOT included. See here for a kit with everything you need for a successful application

Check our Prosthetic FAQ for instructions & tips & tricks on how to get the best results blending in prosthetics.

Additional information



Skin Tone

Light, Medium, Dark




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