Ow Canada! Maple Leaf Prosthetic

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Ow Canada! True Canadians don’t wince when you carve a maple leafs out of their skin.

Great to add a little gore to your Canada Day or to show what a dedicated Maple Leafs supporter you are.



You will really freak people out with this simple make-up, and make them wonder how you achieved this effect!

The Maple Leaf Prosthetic is very flat, making it look very natural. However, in the centre there is a depth to it, that makes it seems as if it goes 2mm into your skin. This is what makes it look so gruesome.
To apply it, first you glue the prosthetic on your cheek, forehead, arm, or wherever you think it will look best. Then you blend it in with a little bit of liquid latex, and maybe add some theatrical blood. After this it will look as if someone took a knife to you and carved a Maple Leaf out of your skin.
The Maple Leaf Prosthetic has super thin edges (as you’re used to from us) for easy blending, and is now available in 3 skin tones!

You can order this prosthetic in Red, Blue or any colour of your choice! Just add a note when you check out your Custom prosthetic describing what colour you want.

Product properties

– Hand-crafted, latex appliance with super thin edges for easy blending.

– The injury is pre-painted with high attention for detail, in red, blue or any colour matte paint of your choice.

– Pre-tinted latex ‘skin’ goes translucent on most skin tones. Available in Light, Medium or Dark skin. Skin tones won’t be an exact match, but if you select the one closest to you, it will blend invisibly because of the translucent edges.

– Full application instructions included.

– Liquid latex, adhesive and theatrical blood required for application. NOT included.

– We do not recommend using latex prosthetics on young children.

Check our Prosthetic FAQ for instructions & tips & tricks on how to get the best results blending in prosthetics.

Additional information




Red, Blue, Custom

Skin Colour

Light, Medium, Dark


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