Skinfestation Prosthetic Set

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$22.99 CAD

Gross! Bugs crawling out of your skin!

Available with bugs of your choice: maggots, flies, spiders, ants, centipedes or mini scorpions!



Do you love bugs? Who doesn’t? Don’t you love them so much you want to be a comfortable home for them? Have them crawl in and out of your skin as they please, with many places to burrow in. Sounds like fun to me! And sounds perfect to gross many others out! Muahaha!

Choose your favourite bugs: we offer various flies, spiders, maggots, and more. Check out the bug selection option for all species and quantities. For humane reasons, these are not real bugs but plastic ones. You can glue them on and around the infestation prosthetic with some spirit gum or other adhesive.

The Skinfestation Prosthetic is a set of two, each with a whole bunch of gross little open wounds. The large one is 9 x 4.5 cm (3.5 x 1.5 in) and has 12 wounds, the smaller one is 7 x 4.5 cm (3 x 1 3/4 in) and has 9 wounds.
Glue them on different parts of your body (face, arms, neck, etc) or put them side by side for one big infected area!

Product properties

– 2 hand-crafted, latex appliances with super thin edges for easy blending.

– Comes with a bunch of bugs of your preference.

– The injury is pre-painted with high attention for detail.

– Pre-tinted latex ‘skin’ goes translucent on most skin tones. Available in 3 skin

– Full application instructions included.

– Latex prosthetics are not NOT recommended for children.

– Liquid latex, adhesive and theatrical blood required for application. NOT included.

Check our Prosthetic FAQ for instructions & tips & tricks on how to get the best results blending in prosthetics.

Additional information



Bug type

Maggots (4pc), Mini Spiders (4pc), Flies (4pc), Black Flies (4pc), Ants (8pc), Centipedes (2pc), Mini Scorpions (2pc)

Skin tone

Light, Medium, Dark

2 reviews for Skinfestation Prosthetic Set

  1. Adam

    This creeps me right the hell out, and that’s not easy. Great work

  2. 4yxpjtfi

    Super cool piece! Looks real, I would definitely recommend and keep buying from this seller 🙂

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