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We here at Locked in the Cellar Creations love to make Special FX make-up and props accessible for everyone.
Whether your passion is making films or cosplay, we want to help you bring your ideas to life! Select one of our specialties to learn more…

We’re making a movie!! It’s called Dungeon of Death, and there will be lots of blood and gore.
Click here for more info and crowdfunding options.

Learn more about the Special FX makeup or props we can provide for film and TV
For all entertainment productions interested in getting custom Special FX makeup, props or creatures for Film, TV or Theatre.
Learn more about the photo ops we can bring to events
Learn more about the various immersive photo ops that we can bring to your convention or other event!
See all special FX prosthetics, face masks and props/replicas we have for sale
For everyone interested in purchasing one of our handmade prosthetics, face masks or props/replicas.