Scary Cryptmas Photo Experience

Locked in the Cellar Creations introduces “Scary Cryptmas”!!
This is a unique Christmas photo experience with a dark twist. Our undead Santa will gladly hear how naughty you have been this past year. He has been a little bit naughty himself, while waiting up for the real Santa to arriveā€¦

Our "Scary Cryptmas" Horror Christmas Photo Experience features a fire place, Santa's Corpse, gasoline canisters and our actor as Crypt Kringle.

Oops, it looks like Santa had a little accident… But don’t worry, Crypt Kringle is here to take his place!

The setup features a large fireplace with a fake fire, a burnt Santa corpse and a few gasoline canisters.
Guests can pose for pictures with our actor who not only dressed up as Crypt Kringle – he is completely in character (including creepy voice and cackling laughter). Additionally, he is the keeper of an incredible amount of puns. We invite them to pose however they like, and if they’re feeling naughty (eg. playing with gasoline) he’ll gladly participate!

This photo setup requires a space of 10×10′ up to 10×20′ plus electricity. We recommend placing us on a central location, like a stage. However, our Mr. Kringle also feels right at home in a dark corner.
Suitable for family-friendly events – assuming that your guests share a dark sense of humour and aren’t offended by the concept.

We will be taking pictures of the guests, and printing 8×10″ photos on the spot with the Scary Cryptmas wish on top. With the purchase of a photo print, we will also send the guests a digital copy of the photo, plus we’ll take some pictures on their own phone/camera as well.

Contact us if you want to book “Scary Cryptmas” for your event. We can discuss options to customize the setup to your event or to fit your location as needed.
This photo experience was previously at Horror-Rama 2019 and The Bazaar of the Bizarre.