Locked in the Cellar Creations is available for conventions, as well as themed and corporate events. We have several incredibly detailed and highly immersive Photo Experiences available for your guests. Whichever scene you choose, they can interact with props and/or actors. They will feel like they are part of the scene.
Additionally we also have a mobile Make-up Station, where we apply injury simulation makeups at events.

COVID-19 Notice: Now that in-person events are allowed to take place again, our interactive photo experiences can be booked again for conventions and other events!
Extra sanitation measures are in place, and certain aspects of the experience may not yet be available (eg. wearing accessories or handling props). Guests are allowed to take off their face masks briefly for the picture.

Dungeon of Death – Photo Experience

Enjoy your flay in our Dungeon of Death!
Horror lovers can rejoice in this unique experience where they can flay their loved ones! Not for real of course, but ‘pose as a flayed corpse’ doesn’t have the same ring to it…
Size: 12′ x 20′
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Haunted Cemetery – Photo Experience

Our portable Cemetery Photo Experience includes a mausoleum, tomb, several tombstones, a coffin and several corpses and zombies to interact with.
Optionally, a Pet Sematary or Creepmas display can be added.
Size: 10′ x 10′ up to 20′ x 20′
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thumbnail cemetery

Kill Shack – Photo Experience

Welcome to the Kill Shack! Here your guests can dress up like a psycho killer and pose with a corpse and various weapons.
Upon request, it can be turned in to Jason’s Kill Shack by adding a replica of the shrine for Pamela Voorhees (Friday the 13th inspired).
Size: 10′ x 20′
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thumbnail killshack

Evil Dead Cabin replica – Photo Experience

Our replica of the Evil Dead Cabin is super detailed. It includes the trap door, desk with tape recorder, zombie elk head on the wall, and much more. Your guests can pose with props like the Necronomicon, severed hand or chain saw.
Size: 10′ x 20′
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Brian as Ash with Bruce the undead Elk

Scary Cryptmas! – Photo Experience

A unique Christmas photo experience with a twist of horror.
Our undead Santa will gladly hear how naughty you have been this past year. He has been a little bit naughty himself, while waiting up for the real Santa to arrive…
Size: 10′ x 10′ up to 10′ x 20′
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Injury Simulation Make-up

We can provide realistic injuries for a wide range of occasions, from First Aid training to Horror Conventions.
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Injury simulation with stitches

Past events include: Frightmare in the Falls, FanExpo Toronto, Bazaar of the Bizarre, Niagara Falls ComicCon, Horror-Rama and many more.