Haunted Cemetery Photo Experience

The “Restless Souls” Cemetery is an interactive haunted graveyard photo experience. Visitors can walk in and look at all the tomb stones and other hand made decor. We encourage them to get hands on with the corpses and the other props, and the take pictures. Everyone loves the chance to get goofy with the corpses!

The Haunted Cemetery consists of a full size mausoleum with the inhabitants in the process of breaking out, a broken old tomb with a corpse crawling out, a bunch of zombies and other dead bodies, a number of movie inspired tomb stones, and a welcoming Reaper. A creepy old rusty fence separates the Cemetery from the rest of the event.

Optional variations

We can customize the cemetery upon request, to fit the size and atmosphere of your event. A few of the available options:
Exhumed: A guest can step into a coffin held by two corpses.
Pet Sematary: A section with undead animals and pet tombstones.
Creepmas: To add some wicked holiday spirit, we can add a section with a zombie Rudolf and the tombstones of the other reindeer (covered with fake snow).

We hand made everything in the cemetery with great attention to detail, mostly out of recycled materials.
We can scale the Haunted Cemetery up or down as needed and add custom elements if desired. It fits in a 10×10′ space, up to a 20×20′ space. Because the larger set up has wider path ways, this provides better accessibility for disabled visitors. Additionally, it allows multiple groups of guests in at the same time.

Contact us if you want to learn more about bringing a portable cemetery to your event.