Kill Shack Photo Experience

We created The Kill Shack as a unique interactive photo experience, great for (horror) themed and/or corporate events. The Kill Shack is a original concept, though it can also be customized to match certain movies.

The eye catcher of this ‘creepy cabin in the woods’ set is the blood stained butcher table with the mutilated corpse of a hitch hiker. All around the walls you’ll see the killer’s collection of tools and mementos of past victims.

Guests are invited to come in and dress up like a maniac with the blood splattered aprons and splatter shield, after which they can pose like a true psycho killer holding an array of bloody weapons. They can even open up the corpse’s chest and pull out his heart for an extra gory effect!

Kill Shack Variations

Friday the 13th: Upon special request from the organizers of Frightmare in the Falls, we created “Jason’s Kill Shack”. The table with the mutilated corpse remained unchanged, and in the right corner we added Pamela Voorhees’s shrine, including dear mommy’s head, clothes, an array of candles, and a pile of corpses underneath. Perfect for a Celebrity Photo-op with Jason Voorhees & Jason Voorhees.
Evil Dead Cabin: The Kill shack can be completely converted into a replica of the Evil Dead Cabin. Read more here

Celebrity Photo op

We have hosted celebrity photo ops in the Kill Shack on several occasions, welcoming Leatherface actors Dan Yeager and Bill Johnson in 2017, as well as Jason Voorhees actors Steve Dash and C. J. Graham in 2018.

Set Properties

The Kill Shack Photo Experience requires a 10′ x 20′ space + electricity. The walls are 8′ tall. It comes with vinyl flooring, and with flickering lights.

If you are interested in letting your guests get a taste of being a psycho killer, contact us today to get the Kill Shack at your event!