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If your production is in need of SPFX make-up, custom props, creatures or other practical effects, we can help!
We specialize in creative solutions to fit any budget, so contact us now!

For a sample of the twisted things that have come out of our workshop in the past, please check out our Portfolio below, and don’t forget to check out the Testimonials of our previous clients.

And click here if you want to see the awards won by productions that we provided FX for.

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Grief (2022)

This horror anthology feature follows the 5 stages of grief. Grieving can be scary, and often you’ll have to face the demons within. For this production we were allowed to make a few of these inner monsters. (more pictures coming soon…)

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Underneath: Beyond the Threshold (2022)

For this sequel to “Underneath: an Anthology of Terror” we did several demon/character makeups as well as injury and blood FX.

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Greed & Gore (2021)

A production with “Gore” right there in the title is of course any FX artist’s dream!
For the short film Greed & Gore, we got to kill almost every character in a variety of gruesome and creative ways.
Pictures coming soon!

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Snow Blinded (2021)

Snow Blinded is by far the most challenging film we worked on so far, because applying extensive prosthetic makeup for a shoot in the middle of the snowy woods is no walk in the park!
As we can’t give away any plot development yet, I’m just going to have to leave you with this teaser pic…

Brian sprays fake blood on actor Michael Masurkevitch

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Neurovenge (2020)

Who says that your smart home system doesn’t have a secret agenda?
For Paper Padlock Production’s first feature film Neurovenge we fabricated a sleek little smart home unit. “Jackie” has dome camera, that can flash its light in different colours as it’s speaking to the actors. In addition, we also did some cool stabbing and makeup FX that we unfortunately can’t show you yet either…

Smart home unit Jackie communicates with flashing different colours light.

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My Dinner With Chuck (2019)

For this short film, director Joe Parente needed an Alaskan King Crab capable of following instructions, like looking around the restaurant and talking with his fellow actors.
We provided the team with a realistic, life sized, cable controlled crab with beady alien eyes. With the help of 2 puppeteers, Chuck can move his eyes, claws, antennae and mandibles. His 32 parts (not counting inner mechanics!) are cast in resin and foam latex.
Special thanks to Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto for the research support!

Beyond Hell (2019)

Beyond Hell” is an indie feature film by director Alan Murray and producer Gavin Downes.
We designed the facial prosthetics for main demon Belial, and trained their team of make-up artists to apply the make-up. We also created a number of background demons, and a bar full of dead bodies.

Winner of Best Special Effects at the Scarefest Horror Film Festival 2019