We are very proud to have contributed to movies winning these awards:

Greed & Gore

Five criminals pick the wrong safe house to lay low after robbing a bank. Let’s just say: things get messy!

Greed & Gore has only just begun its festival tour, and has immediately won 3 awards at the first festival it was selected for! It won Best Cinematography, Grossest Gag and the audience choice for Best Death at the Bay of Blood Festival 2023.

It also won Best Horror at the Boden International Film Festival (Sweden).

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Snow Blinded

A body-horror/thriller about two men whose weekend in a cottage turns into a nightmare when one of them starts to spiral down a rabbit hole of madness. We provided the body-horror.

Snow Blinded won the award for Best Mutilation Scene at the Austrian Fright Nights 2022.

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My Dinner with Chuck

A fun short film about a talking King Crab crashing a blind date, turning an already bad night into a true nightmare. We made the crab, and contributed to the ‘things going south’ part of the short.

My Dinner With Chuck won Best Special Effects at the HEX After Dark Film Festival 2021, and the legendary Sparquie the Squirrel Award at the 16th annual Hamilton Film Festival.

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Beyond Hell

A demon from a hell dimension finds his way to Earth and starts possessing and/or killing teenagers. We made the makeup for lead demon Belial and some of his demonic side kicks.

Beyond Hell won awards for Best Feature Film and Best Effects at Shock Stock 2019, and Best Special Effects at Scarefest XII.

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