10 Year Anniversary

in 2014 2 make-up artists said to each other ‘Let’s turn our hobby into something more’. Just like that, Locked in the Cellar Creations was born. Unbelievable that we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!

We started with a shared booth space at FanExpo in 2014, selling our line of 5(!) latex prosthetics. A year later we worked on our first feature film. By now, our line of prosthetics counts over 30 different designs and the online sales keep us busy year round. We’ve worked on 11 feature films, 9 short films, 3 music videos, 2 theater productions, a TV pilot, and our props and prosthetics have been used in countless others. We even produced our own short film!

I am so proud of what we’ve achieved in these last 10 years! We started incredibly small, building up our business at our kitchen table in our spare time with our spare pennies and an immeasurable amount of will power. Now we are a fully operational FX studio taking up the entire lower level of our house (and sometimes the upper levels as well) with 2 full time and a part time FX artist.

We are extremely grateful for our fans who are always supporting us, either by purchasing our prosthetics online or getting their picture taken in our of our photo ops at an event, who have donated towards our film production, or spoken highly about us to film producers. Word of mouth is everything.

Thanks Brian, for taking me on this wild journey. Never thought I’d be having so much fun making dead things in our basement. 🖤

Details of our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION EVENT to come soon!

Check out some pictures below of how we started vs what we do now!