Movie FX

Beyond Hell (2019)

Beyond Hell” is an indie feature film by director Alan Murray and producer Gavin Downes.
We designed the facial prosthetics for main demon Belial, and trained their team of make-up artists to apply the make-up. We also created a number of background demons, and a bar full of dead bodies.

Winner of Best Special Effects at the Scarefest Horror Film Festival 2019

Dead Serious (2018)

Dead Serious is a ‘zomedy’ written and directed by Dan Carriere, and shot in Hamilton, ON. For this short film we made five original zombie make-ups (“Thriller style”), including a maggot infested zombie, a dried up zombie and a before/after hockeystick head bash zombie.

Secret Sessions (2017 – 2018)

The Secret Sessions presents movie experiences where live theatre fuses with classic movies. We have been part of the Shaun of the Dead Movie Experience (2017) and The Princess Bride Movie Experience (2018).
For these events we have created scars, an albino, a one-armed zombie, various old age make-ups and zombified large parts of the show’s audience for several nights.

Snuff Film (2016)

Film maker Michael Laicini was in need of black & white simulated snuff film footage for a horror short, so we ‘beat up’ his actors for him. This shoot was extremely challenging because the various stages of injuries and the very short time frame in which the location was available. It also involved tattoo cover-up.

Cole “The Monster of Pilkington County” Bowman (2014)

For a film project titled “The Life of Daniel”, we created this original make-up to turn writer/actor Joseph Moore into an early 20th century burn victim. The character looks as if he has been patched up as well as possible with the skin grafting techniques available in that time period.