New prosthetics for 2018

We have 2 brand spanking new prosthetics that we want to show you, just in time for the Halloween season!

Autopsy Scar

Customers asked us about making an Autopsy scar that could be worn under a shirt, or with a dress. In these cases the scar doesn’t have to go all the way down, so we created a shorter version of the classic scar. Shorter, but gorier – as this scar has a few stitches that came loose and now a piece of skin has started to flap open!
Check it out here.

This latex prosthetic set is great for an Alara Kitan cosplay, or any other Xelayan Alien Make-ups. It is a 5 piece set, with ears, forehead and nose prosthetics.

Alien Ridges

This 5 piece prosthetics set is inspired by the beautiful make-up worn by Halston Sage for her character Alara Kitan in The Orville. The set contains a nose pieces, two forehead pieces and two ears. It is the first of a series of complete fantasy character make-ups, more of which will be following in 2019.
You can find it here.