Film FX: “Greed & Gore”

A film with the word Gore right in the title, that is every FX artists dream!

The short film “Greed & Gore”, directed by Adam Kirkey, will shoot in October in the area of Perth, ON. And does it have GORE in it? Yes it does. Can we say more about it? No we can’t.

All we can say is… stay tuned and follow our anti-social media channels for more news and sneak peaks of our work!
You can find us on Fearbook and Instagrowl.

Greed & Gore Update (Nov 8th, 2021):

We just finished washing the blood of all the props and equipment that we brought to the set of Greed & Gore! We couldn’t have asked for a better 4 days of shooting. The team was incredibly welcoming and very excited about everything we brought to set.

We unfortunately have to keep up the secrecy a bit longer, but here are a few teaser pictures: