New Horror Dungeon Photo Op!

We just returned from a very fun weekend at Frightmare in the Falls, where we premiered our new horror photo op: The Dungeon of Death

In this Dungeon set people can come in and pose as a corpse that’s hanging, mostly flayed and gutted, from a torture table. We also offer props, like weapons or a human heart, that people may use in their pictures.
We were thrilled by the amount of horrible/hilarious photos and videos we got to take!

As you are probably expecting, we handmade everything in this dungeon set! From the carved walls, to the flickering torches, to the corpse and the table it’s laying on.
Some guests remarked after their visit that there is so much more detail than they expected. Others went through the trouble to message us with their special thanks, saying that this experience made their day!
I posted some fun pictures below so you can get a taste of it, if you missed it.

This horror dungeon photo op is available for your horror themed event in Ontario. We can set it up as a stand alone set or in combination with any of our other photo ops!
If you want to learn more, please visit the dedicated Dungeon of Death photo experience page or shoot us a message!