Silicone Make-up Kit

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Do you want to create your own scars, a slit throat or a burn make-up, eg for cosplaying The Joker, Freddy Kreuger, Marvel’s Cable or Bishop, Inigo Montoya, etc?
Try using Silicone! Our Silicone Make-up Kit is complete and easy to use!

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Whether you are an experienced make-up artist, or a cosplayer looking for a unique make-up, or if you just can’t find a specific pre-made prosthetic, we offer you the Silicone Make-up Kit!

Silicone is extremely soft, flexible and self-adhesive. Because of that it is perfect to use on areas of skin where you don’t want your movement to be restricted.  The possibilities are endless!
Silicone is also the perfect FX alternative if you are allergic to latex.

The Silicone Make-up Kit contains a 2 part, skin safe silicone (like Third Degree), that can be used to shape custom injuries exactly the way you like, directly onto your skin.
One kit contains enough silicone to create 2 full Chelsea Smiles, one half face burn make-up or several smaller scars/wounds.

Kit Contains:

– 1 Container of Silicone Part A
– 1 Container of Silicone Part B
– 4 Wooden Spatulas
– 1 Metal Spatula
– 1 Mixing Palette
– 1 Container of Professional quality theatrical blood
– 1 Stipple Sponge
– Complete Application Instructions



Please keep in mind that this product only ships within Canada and the US, as we cannot guarantee the quality of some of the products when shipping with air mail. 🙁
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