Website overhaul

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that our recent website overhaul has been completed! You may or may not have noticed the following changes:

  • To show that we are proudly Canadian, our domain has moved from to
    We still own the .com domain, and will keep it as a redirect, so the old website address and emails will remain valid.
  • The menu has been reorganized for easier navigation: you can now find all information listed in either Movie FX, Events, Shop or About Us.
  • The web shop categories have also been simplified. All products are now listed in either Make-up & Prosthetics, Face Masks or Props. These more generic categories will make it easier for us to accommodate our ever shifting catalog without having to worry about subcategories with only one or two items remaining.
  • This is something that drives me nuts when online shopping, because a $ symbol can still mean a lot of things… We are now displaying on every single page that our prices are listed in CAD.
  • Our Portfolio has been updated with our most recent projects. Unfortunately, for most of these projects we can’t post any of the best pictures yet as they reveal major plot points, but at least the productions are listed.
  • And some bug fixes: the social media icons are working again, the pictures are nicely displayed in an overlay, and if you’ve placed an order in our webshop and it’s sent as a parcel, you’re now getting your tracking code automatically in your confirmation email.